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The perfect lunch food

I made a bunch of “lotus lead glutinous rice wraps” (Lo Mai Gai).  I didn’t know until I went to Hong Kong that these can be frozen and re-heated in a microwave ! I was eating little ones as snacks, but you can get bigger, lunch sized ones.

Why are they the perfect lunch food ?
– Cheap.  My first attempt cost me about a buck each. 
– Easy to prepare.  Once you understand glutinous rice.
– Quick to prepare.  Steaming the ingredients takes some time, but you don’t have to stay in the kitchen, or use a rice cooker.  Wrapping takes the same amount of time as making and wrapping a sandwich.
– Can be prepared in bulk.  I could probably make 30 at once in my biggest pot.
– Inoffensive to office.  Re-heating them fills the kitchen with a pleasant fragrance of lotus leaf (smells a little like tea).  Will cover the smell of fish/bad curry/hospital food.
– Can incorporate other leftovers.
– Can be eaten, Hot, cold, lukewarm, room temperature.
– Several degrees of variance.  Filling ingredients, rice flavouring.  Infinite variations
– May be vegan, vegitarian, or contain large amounts of meats.

They beat sandwiches (and sushi) on a number of factors.
– “Continuously” variable portion size.  Making one-and-a-quarter sandwiches is infeasable.
– Scalability making one twice as big doesn’t take twice as long.
– Environmentally friendly.  No packaging, no wrapping, all components edible or compostable.  Sling one in your backpack, or carry by the string like a little package.
– Can be eaten without a bowl/plate/utensils.  Saves cleanup, saves the environment.
– Can be frozen and microwaved with zero loss of quality.

They even beat STEW !

Recipe ?  FGI, I used an amalgum of a bunch I found.  Didn’t steam them.  Froze them as is and microwave them to reheat.   And they’re delicious.  Best thing – chicken wing segment cooked in a master stock.  I also used lap cheong, dried shitcake mushrooms, dried shrimp, salted ducky egg and cooked the rice with a chicken carcass I had.  Next time ?  Garlic/Black Bean pork ?  Thousand year old eggs ?


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