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Tuesday, 2007-02-27

Man’s gotta eat…

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Greetings y’all.  I had a killer couple of weeks at work, but had some time on the weekend and got a few things done.  Sorry, no photos, I was focusing on getting the food out there.  Plus my Char Siu was brown rather than red 🙂  Here’s a quick rushthrough of the past few days.  I’d really like to type each of these up properly, but I’m short on time.  They’re all on the “someday/maybe” file.  Either FGI or drop me a line if you need more / specifics.

Brown beef stock

The fridge was getting overloaded by beef bones, chicken bones, duck bones and my vege draw’s onions were liquefying, so first thing Saturday morning, I threw them all into a low oven.  About lunchtime (3-4 hours later), all went into the pot for the rest of the day.  I topped up the water occasionally, but basically forgot about it.  I got drunk and remembered about midnight.  Not a problem.  If I wasn’t so nackered, I’d let the thing go overnight.  Ended up with about 4 litres of good stuff.  Not as brown as I wanted, but I’ve frozen it in big and little portions (ziploc bags and takeaway containers), so I’m pretty happy.

Magic Bullet

I blew up my blender a few weeks ago and replaced it with a Magic Bullet (50% cheaper on eBay).  Boy are they fun!  Got myself WHACKED OUT on Saturday night on strawberry / blueberry / vodka / gin / rum / lemonade / soda things, and pulverised a whole bulb (yes bulb) of garlic the next day.  For about $100 with postage, this is WAY more fun than a video game or 2 trips to the cinema.

Char Siu (BBQ Pork)

You’d be hard-pressed to go too much better than Sneff’s* recipe on for Char Siu  I was looking for a few dishes for lunch that I could cook “easily” while doing other things in the kitchen (like gettin’ a stew on).  I had half a jar of LKK Char Siu sauce in the fridge, and got myself a kilo of pork neck.  I started out, but immediately had existential crisis and knew I could do better, so I whacked in a bunch more garlic, 5 spice, dark soy, (red food colouring, *SHH*) and star anise and let it go overnight.  Cooked it the next day (I tend to glaze 4-6 times), and it was brilliant.  I think one needs to measure five-spice by the tablespoon, rather than by the teaspoon and the dark soy made it a weird brown colour (will try using “light” plus colouring next time).  I’ve eaten better… from about 5 restaurants (2 of which are in Hong Kong), I’ve eaten worse from… about a hundred places.

*Sneff is a genius and has done 100 times more for the Intarweb than lonelygirl15.

Beef Bulgogi

I’ve got a thing for beef ribs at the moment.  Locally, they sell them cut about 2″ across with a huge salve of meat on top, in sets 5-6, weighting about half a kilo each. Sometimes called “Asado”.  Cheap as chips.  I get out my boning knife and cut off the top meat, trimming it of all fat and sinew, then do wonderful things with it, but that’s another post.  Then throw the actual ribs (and some of the meat) into either a fierce marinade, or a STEW.  I’m having trouble getting the ratios right, the closest I’ve got is:
KOREAN soy sauce (KOREAN, I said KOREAN soy sauce, go to your KOREAN grocer and forcrissake buy the KOREAN soy sauce, do you hear me dammit, KOREAN soy sauce), where was I?
KOREAN soy sauce / “alcohol” / sugar = 1/1/1 plus a Nashi or Kiwi fruit for tenderisation, a little sesame oil and some shallots:
Close.  Quite close. Slightly salty, must be sure to wipe the pan each batch, lacks some character.  Might need more “blood”, less marinade, charcoal or something.  But, man it’s tasty.

Bulgogi Burgers

I tend to make ridiculous amounts of bulgogi at once, simply so I can have these the next day.  Almost gets me out of bed at 6am on a Sunday.
Bread Roll, egg mayo, bulgogi, some pieces of cold kimchi, cold marinated bean sprouts, optional cheese (melted), warm bulgogi.  *ROCKS*.


That’s beef with potatoes, Japanese style (think sukiyaki taste).  Apparently, there’s a Japanese saying that this is a dish that will win you a husband if you cook it well enough. I was basically craving the flavour, had a bunch of leftover beef and some spuds, and had the stuff sauteing before I hit the web looking for a recipe (and realised the name of the dish was Nikujaga).  Of course there’s heaps of recipes, similar to Bulgogi, the ingredients are “standard”, but there’s variants on the ratios.  Again, beware of American websites with recipes, at best they tend to tone things down a little to adjust to the local palate.  This is what I’m going with:
(Japanese) Soy Sauce / Mirin / Sake / Sugar = 2 / 2 / 2 / 1.  Tablespoons if you’re going a small one, plus about 2 cups of dashi (Bonito stock).  Packet goldfish food should do, or go a “Broth of Vigour” if you like.  Pretty close.  There’s heaps of variants.  Yeah, you’re supposed to use a finer cut than rib meat.


Chaos, but I love it.  Sometimes I feel I should stop by the emergency department at St. Vincent’s (hospital servicing the red-light district of Sydney) on a Saturday night for a little quiet downtime :).  No, it’s not that bad, I absolutely love…90% of it 🙂


I’m getting a couple of games of poker in a week, and I’m messing about with blindfold rubik’s cubing.  I am not making this up.



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