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Monday, 2007-01-08


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I’ve got so many other things to do, but here’s just a quick one on a first attempt at a cassoulet. It was brilliant, and although technically the process took three days to complete, there was onlt about half an hour of actual effort. I only meant to make a little one, enough for a couple of portions, but ended up completely filling the big Le Cruset pot (6 lites?). I just sort of saw some stuff I had for later in the week, and just though “screw it, throw it all in”. Here’s the recipe, by no means canonical. I couldn’t find/afford any duck, but had some duck fat.

Firstly, soak a kilo of dried beanz overnight. DO NOT ADD SALT. Next day, drain, rinse then boil the beans for 30 mintes, skimming the scum at boiling point and then throwing in an onion. NO SALT.

In the main time, heat up your casserole, throw in some duck fat (or olive oil, you wuss) and fry your meatz. I had 2 large chicken Marylands, 300g of diced lamb (originally planned for something else), 2 thick pork sausages. Season as you go.

Remove the meat as it gets done (fry in batches), and fry off your base, I had 2 onions, 2 carrots, 6 cloves of strong garlic, and 200g of smoked speck (garlic minced, everything else diced), seasoning as you go. In the mean time roughly chop 4 Roma tomatoes. I layered the dish like this: Deglaze with a little white wine, and throw in a third of the beans. Add half the meats and half the tomatoes. Add another third of the beans, the rest of the meat, then cover with the last of the beans. Season after each addition of beans. Don’t be afraid of the salt, remember, you’re cooking a whole heap. Finally, throw in a bouquet garni (or dried herbs if you’re short) and top up with either stock or “bean boiling water”, just to the top of the beans.

At this point, I let it cool a little and threw it in the fridge (it was Sunday night and did all the work while cooking something else for dinner). The next day I put the whole thing in a low oven (140 degrees) for 4 hours, and voila. Serve with great, great bread and cheap red wine.

Cost – About $15, plus bread and cheap wine. Serves 5 people who will end up belt-looseningly stuffed.

Improvements / next time:

  • Need to cook it longer. Normally the 3-4 hour cooking time starts with the stuff at boiling temperature. Mine was at fridge temperature, was pretty close though.
  • Similarly, finish the dish uncovered for maybe an hour, possibly putting some breadcrumbs on top for a crust.
  • Using stock instead of water may improve things, but again, so would reducing the liquid.
  • Better sausages, these ones were very cheap, but still great.
  • Some pork!
  • variants of the mirepoix base, include celery? Exclude carrots?
  • More fat!



  1. Again, sorry for the spelling, the checker/editor here are too slow to be usable.

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