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Monday, 2007-01-01

Greetz! Eatz!

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Happy 2007 all y’all.  Even though I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions (one day a year is far too few to get some ambition and some steam up yo ass), I happen to have a couple of things that happen to start on the 1st of January.

Firstly, I’m attempting to go a whole year without purchasing anything from a supermarket.  I did make a fairly sizable order from shopfast last night as a bit of a weaning (cola, detergent, glad wrap, soap, TP and dog treats), but that’s it.  At times it’s going to be very tough.  But I expect that while I last, I’m going to be saving a bunch of coin and losing a lot of weight. 

Although not a resolution and something that I’ve brought up before, I’m turning my back on the whole scene and avoiding restaurants as much as possible for the next year.  So far, so good.  I spent the last week in Brisbane with my folks, and had a great time at Yum Cha.  Something I couldn’t get enough of (and everyone else avoided) was some delicious tripe.  People, the sooner you all get over it and start eating tripe, liver, kidney, arsehole etc, the happier you’ll be, the more money you’ll save and the healthier you’ll become.  A double chicken breast costs MORE than buying the entire bird.

Finally, I’ve had a craving for a while and had a shot at making Western (Western China / Inner Mongolia that is) dumplings.  Yes it’s lamb and yes it’s from Mongolia, but it ain’t farking “Mongolian Lamb”.

I’m totally broke for the next couple of weeks, Christmas and a week without wage is always a bit tough, but I’ve got a freezer full of congee, glutinous rice wraps, dumplings and porky treats, so I’m going to be fine.


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