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Sunday, 2006-12-17

One hundred (and two) potsticker dumplings.

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I love these things and have made them a few times in the past.  Making the dough is a beeyatch.  Hard physical work, tricky and messes up your entire kitchen.  I did it a couple of times just to say that I did it.  Bought a few packets of gow-gee skins (call them what you like, Gow Gee, JiaoZi, Potsticker dumplings, or even gyoza), which made things so much easier.  Not wonton skins, that’s a different thing.  It had been a while since I’ve done this, but I did pretty well.  Recipe for 60 (I ended up doubling the recipe, and had some leftover filling).

Start with 500g of pork mince, not too fatty.  If you’re game, you can get an incredible result if you mince the meat yourself using two cleavers, enabling you to control the texture.  Add half bunch of shallots, and finely sliced and half a Chinese cabbage (aka Napa cabbage or wombok or whatever).  Add the seasonings on top of that to ensure good distribution.  A tablespoon of light soy sauce, a tablespoon of dark and one of rice wine.  I resorted to the jars and added 2 teaspoons of garlic, and one of ginger (careful on this one, it’s strong).  Finally full teaspoon of white pepper and one of sugar.  No salt, the soy should cover you, and no chilli, use it as a condiment if you want some.

Before stuffing, fry a little bit in pan for a taste test, adjusting seasonings if you need to.  The flavour should be fairly mild.  Add teaspoons of the mixture to each wrapper (and I mean “teaspoons”, tiny amounts) , dampen one edge, fold in half and seal.  Lay on a floured or silicon papered tray.  Filling 12 at a time seemed to work well for a one-man team, and it took me around 45 minutes.  Having something good on the TV and a tasty beverage makes this not an unpleasant task.

If you have leftover wrappers, deep fry them and eat them as snacks.  If you have left over filling, stuff some pieces of bell pepper, or hollowed out tofu, or make an eggplant sandwich, or make into patties and enjoy a Chinese style burger. 

Freeze them on floured or silicon papered trays, and store in zip-lock bags in groups of 15 if you eat a lot, or groups of 10 if you don’t eat so much.

Variants include: different types of meat; adding water chestnuts for crunch or bamboo shoots; using garlic chives as the vegetable, or even kim chee; adding diced rehydrated shitake mushrooms; adding coriander for a nice fresh taste.  If you want to try making the dough, there’s recipes out there.  I used to use wheat flour and hot water, but there’s recipes using iced water as well.

You can cook them by frying them straight from frozen in a non-stick pan (there’s a reason they’re called potstickers) for a couple of minutes, throwing a cup of water in, putting a lid on and steaming for about 10 minutes.  Or boil, steam or nuke them and throw them in a pan to crisp up.  Eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack.  You can cook some in the morning while you’re making breakfast, take them to work and nuke them at lunchtime. Serve with a dipping sauce, or just pour it all over the top.  Suggestions include black vinegar (aka caramel vinegar), red rice wine vinegar, brown vinegar, soy sauce, chilli oil, chilli sauce, sesame oil, worcestershire sauce, mayo, tabasco sauce, Dave’s insanity sauce, sweet chilli sauce, Vietnamese dipping sauce, any combination of the above, or nothing at all.  I’ve no particular favourite, just whatever I feel like at the time, but I most often use black vinegar, sometimes with a little chilli oil.

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