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Saturday, 2006-12-09

23. Write the book, minimum 100,000 words

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I can’t publish any of it online, I read somewhere that if you’ve previously published something online, you’ve got SFA chance of getting it printed.  Publishers won’t touch it with a 20 foot pole.  That might be out of date, but I’m not taking any chances.  I hope I can get away with posting some chapters and a title here, I am taking a risk.  I’d like to try and have it published, but if I can’t, and I like it, I’ll print it myself.

Basically, set in a web company during the dotcom, has a lot about food in it.  Hey, write about what you know and like.  Designed to look “real”, but is goign to be fictional.  More a series of vignettes, I don’t have a central thread / story yet, and I might not even have a strong one.  I think that’s OK though. 

Chapters so far (no order)

  • The one with the japanese gangsters and the Natto.
  • The one with the master stock and the guy who has to leave in a real hurry.
  • The one with the guy who gets locked in the entrance security cage of his office on the Friday afternoon of a long weekend.
  • The one with the guy who works so hard that he’s never home, so he decides to live “homeless” for a year.
  • The one about the $50,000 Laksa Recipe.
  • The rumour about what really happened to the owner of BBQ King
  • The enormous cauldron of glutinous rice.
  • Cooking your way out of trouble.
  • The butcher who asked a LOT of questions.
  • How I seduced a sexy lady with cookies and melted mars bars.
  • The drug dealer who stopped selling cocaine and started selling truffles.
  • The one about the guy who knew every public transport timetable east of strathfield.
  • The BBQ Pork so good that the guy eating it thought he was going to die.
  • Absinthe chocolate mousse.
  • The Thai dude who could cook and lived rent free in a big share-house.

Need another few.  They’ll come, they’ll come…

I’d also like to try the philosophy of “spend 2/3 of your time editing”.

Next action(s):

  • Continue Brainstorm
  • Get writing!  No mucking about, just do it.

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  1. Ah schmit, this was supposed to eb a”page” not a post. I’m too tired to fix it right now. ZZzzzzz

    Comment by toastman — Saturday, 2006-12-09 @ 12:46 am

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