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Wednesday, 2006-11-29

101 in 1001

Filed under: Web "Thing" — by Toast d'Béchamel @ 11:55 pm

It’s a phenomenon sweeping the web (well, a couple of years ago).  Pick 101 goals, give yourself a deadline of 1001 days to do it.  FGI “101 in 1001” if you want the details.  List is over on the side there, enjoy.  Yeah, there’s more than 101.  Fuck yas.  Let’s do this thing !  Yes, it’s all out of order.  Uncategorized etc.  I’ve got better things to do.  The point is, it’s out there.  Most of it I came up with pretty quick.  I was sure I was going to get stuck on 60 or 70 and have to leave a bunch blank, but the ideas just kept coming.

Tim Chuma, where are ya?  Drop me a line at gmail.  I suspect some of my e-mails from you have disappeared in some crazy MS outlook rules I was stuffing with.

Also, no-one seems to have found this place yet, because I haven’t told anyone.  Go nuts y’all, this web “Thing” is a public facing one.  Clients, work, family should all be reading this.

And I’ve got too many darn categories here.  Sod.


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