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Friday, 2006-11-24


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G’Day, TOAST here.

After being on the web for more than a decade, I’ve decided to try another attempt at a web “Thing”.  I’ve had a few web presences online, but never found one I liked that much.  I had a genuine geocities account back in 1996 (or maybe it was earlier) for a few years, I had a .plan file that was 100,000 words long (back when John Carmack had his, the precursor the blog), ran a little e-news letter, and even tried a livejournal.  A major part of my job is involved with writing and implementing content management systems (CMSes), and we’ve got a really good one, but still, I’ve never found a web “thing” that has been right for me:

  • Blogs have no sense of permanance.  I write a lot of things that are good, useful and don’t have an expiry date.  A major breakthrough in my quest for the best Laksa recipe gets buried when I announce that my cat’s breath smells like cat food.
  • I considered a website with a CMS, but found that one ends up spending 2 thirds of the time “on” the website, leaving only a third available for writing stuff.  You know how it is.
  • I sort of resorted to just writing things in text files, maybe e-mailing some people, but the lack of audience and feedback wasn’t so good.
  • I used to be very active in usenet, unfortunately, you cannot delete anything from usenet, EVER.  It’s not that I wrote things that I regret, but there’s just a lot of stuff there that was correct at the time, but isn’t so relevant any more.  New information comes to hand, and you can’t update.
  • I used to write for everything2 for a while.  It was pretty good and I had a good time doing it.  The rating system forces you to maintain a good quality and some discipline.  It’s got a nasty, severe learning curve, but once you’re into it, it’s great.  The ability to post more “opinions”, “art”, “rants” (high quality ones only) means it has some benefits over the wikipedia.  I sort of hit a stage though that I was too focused on writing very high quality stuff.  Each article used to take me a couple of hours, and I’d research it.  In the end, I just didn’t have the time.
  • Although I love the wikipedia, and I think it’s the best thing on the web, it doesn’t seem to have a place for differing ideas, and non “factual” information.  I’m very sorry, but the collaborative, anonymous approach just doesn’t appeal to me.  I hate the idea of someone wiping what I’ve written if they disagree with it.  Even though I use the site constantly and think it’s wonderful, contributing via writing just isn’t for me.  I’m happy to give them some coin.

So, after a good look around at what’s hip and happening, I decided to give wordpress a shot.  My understanding is that it’s something between a website and a blog.  The CMS seems to be OK so far, and I’m hot for the concept of “tagging”.

Don’t take anything that you see here as representative of what I do in my professional career.  Top chefs eat cheese sandwiches when they get home, a handyman’s house is traditionally in a state of disrepair, many great psychologists are portrayed as total flakes etc., so I’m totally comfortable with a top web developer / information architect’s personal homepage being a damn mess.  And you should be too.

So, enjoy !


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  1. YOU SUCK !

    Comment by toastman — Friday, 2006-11-24 @ 6:49 am

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